Sales Presentation Skills Tips – Selling Techniques to Increase Sales of Insurance

Sales presentation skills and selling techniques are only valuable to sales of insurance if the agent knows about them. Revealed will be some insurance sales presentation skills, and also tips and selling techniques on how they should be applied. Read on.

New insurance agents are given minimal training. The exception is learning how to attempt setting up an appointment and what the company wants them to say when they are on a presentation. Both are “century old” scripts that their sales manager requires agents to learn without any variation. Of course, because a few agents before them progressed using these same identical rehearsed techniques then old logic says they must be effective. That is fine if you have exactly the right type of people you are trying to make presentations with.

Unfortunately, this is the real world with all kinds of people with a wide variety of reactions.

Insurance sales presentation prospecting can be a career ending process without the necessary skills. If you learn selling techniques using a pre-set script for prospecting, you are setting yourself up for failure. Even though you have learned responses to almost every objection, you have not learned the key lesson for successful sales presentation making.

When to stop talking

Every person is a suspect, very few are potential prospects. Of the potential prospects, occasionally you will have a person to set up an appointment with. Therefore sales presentation skills become priceless.

Talking and talking will get you nowhere. You were instructed how to talk, but the best insurance sales representatives are very keen listeners. The majority of people do not want to suddenly agree to immediately consider buying more insurance. Look at a 20% closing rate by seeing 8 week prospects a week. That translates to about 34 presentations monthly and around 7 sales. An experienced agent chooses by careful listening, the correct style of prospect to meet. Therefore, maybe only 6 to 7 quality prospects are seen, but applying selling techniques 50% are closed. The final results are drastically different. 28 monthly presentations and 14 sales. Less time was exhausted by professional insurance presentation skills, and not being afraid to risk being fussy. Double the sales were made.

The easy solution.

First realize that everyone is not ready to make a commitment to listen to you give an insurance sales presentation. Next, understand that getting objections after objection means you are letting the person wear you down with excuses. Bad sales presentation appointments and long conversations will only lead to defeat. Keep remembering there are countless people who need your service. Listening carefully will quickly tell you, which ones.

Sales Techniques Advice: When to Close

So many lost insurance sales occur because the representative will not stop talking. Increase your sales of insurance by not feeling that you always have to give your entire presentation. This also goes for describing the 101 benefits people can derive from purchasing the plan you are presenting. Here again, the culprit is less talking and more listening and looking for buying signals. Go to the presentation with the idea that the prospect already wants to buy from you. You do not need to battle, over sell, or talk on and on.

Back when I was an insurance sales person in my prime, there were many times when I was finalizing a sales application within 10 minutes. There were also quite a few, when I decided to leave after 10 minutes. As a sales manager watching a newer agent attempt sales presentation skills, often I had to kick the agent’s foot. The person had already given the buying signs, it was time to quit talking and start writing out the application.

Best Sales Presentation Skills Advice: Convince your prospect that you are trustworthy and reasons how that prospect’s particular emotional needs will be filled. Then stop the presentation!

Adapt your prospecting and sales presentation skills to each individual person. Only say or ask what you need, and you will quickly know when you have spoken enough. In sales of insurance, remember that an 80% closing average beats a 20% closing ratio all the time.

Too much talk will get you balk. Listen, learn, and earn.